Otbo velo | Boschparade

Otbo velo was designed for the Boschparade; an annual artistic journey across the water. The first two years took place on the Binnendieze, this year it was the wider Aa’s turn.



The ship of fools by Hiëronymus Bosch makes turn inward, everyone is stunned and seems narrow minded.WHat if I chop the boat in half so that people look outwards again into the great wide world. I tried to demonstrate and clarify this by having a loving couple on the boat who would gaze in each others eyes and whisper sweet nothings to each other while kissing. Www.boschparade.nl





Year: 2011
Material: Wood
Technique: Steam bending beechwood
Dimensions: H: 70cm, W: 1.20m, D: 8.80m
Client: Boschparade
Together with: Sanne Zweije (director of performance)
Location: Den Bosch, NL