Otbo velo | Oerol

Otbo velo. A boat as a symbol, you sail towards your future, and leave your history behind you, or you leave the past behind you and in the boat it is always the present, the now. What if I were to chop the boat in half, and attach the former front and back end together; then in the middle of the boat(assuming it still floats), I have the front and back, past and future all together in the ‘present’. This is more in line with reality as we generally occupy ourselves with future plans more so than past events….all the while, the present is taking place all around us.


Year: 2012
Material: Wood
Technique: Bending beechwood with steam
Dimensions: H: 70cm, W: 1.20m , D: 8.80m
Together with:
Location: Oerol Festival, Terschelling, NL