La Città Mobile Foundation, led by Gijs van Bon and me, see a future in the transformation of the rural area. In fact, we see a role for us! We want to develop affordable studio spaces for creative professionals in the Eindhoven region by converting stables into professional work and project spaces. And thus actively participate in the transition of the agricultural sector. Who knows a building or even an entire farm in or around Eindhoven that could be open to this?

The move of ten creative professionals to the countryside creates a more stable and profitable basis for their traditional professional practice. On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to reflect on and actively contribute to the transformation of the rural area and to provide new economic drivers.

The basic wishes are 800-1600m2 of professional spaces (to be converted) in a circle of a maximum of 15 km around Eindhoven. Everything else is negotiable.

Please respond via a personal message to me: Thank you in advance for your thoughts!