Tree arrows piercing bubbles


Boompijl (Tree Arrow) is a guerrilla project in which I collaborate with other artists and young creatives. We install gigantic arrowheads in parks and public gardens. Boompijl pierces our bubble, broadens our view and sows wonder. From the moment you see one arrow, you will look at nature around you differently.


Everyone is caught in a totally absurd picture of reality. The thin, perishable layer we cling to and all that is “news” covers the real world. As a result, we no longer see it as it is. Much of our energy goes into responding to images and stories made by others, instead of looking at reality and making our own world view. Why do we limit ourselves so much? Locked in our bubble, we become disconnected from what is really happening around us and we no longer ‘see the forest through the trees’ as we say in Dutch.


The first Tree Arrows will be placed in the autumn of 2020. The ultimate goal is to shoot arrows all over the country.


Boompijl team

Tijs Rooijakkers (concept and art direction), Joep Burghouwt (logo design), Jasper Naus (concept and graphic design website, Stijn van Leest (graphic design and guerrilla), Arnold Francisca (web developer), Vivian van Gaal (research and project management).


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