My first real installation

During the last year of the academy, I was mainly occupied with unraveling the Lemniscat symbol. Many of my questions at that time could be found within this symbol. Eventually, I dwelled in the intersection of the symbol. Part of the installation; the spiral touching the ground, represents materialization. The second part emerges from the wall, and is itself a horizontal door. The third part is a hanging sail made up of sewn together pieces of wood where symbols, matrixes and texts are drawn and written with whiteboard chalk .

Throughout this whole installation, there is a ‘slot race’ track where the motorized cars make electrical contact through contact with the metal lines in the middle of the track, making its round using two small brushes around the power circuit.

A car drives over the race track that is laid on top of the wooden spiral towards the door. The car disappears for the viewer in this spiral, but instead of the car coming out as expected, towards the wooden sail, it reappears on the track on the wooden spiral towards the ground. The car on the upper part of the track does the same.

With a bit of effort, the esoteric Lemniscaat symbol can be divided into 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and/or 12 parts within which you can decipher the whole universe such as in Astrology, the Kabbala and the Flower of life, but what about at its intersection? The Lemniscaat symbol represents infinity, but also the balance between spirit and matter. You could say that spirit cannot touch matter, because it would also have to be matter; a wave, a particle, or both. Still, looking at the time part of the non-ending line, is there time or not, and is there a beginning? (Fibonacci spiral). All wonderful questions that I asked within this first installation.