Tijs rooijakkers tekeningen

Solo Expo SPORE, at Art Experience by KRL

Be welcome to the opening in the brand new gallery KRL.

Spore dives into the two- and three-dimensional world of Tijs Rooijakkers. Although he is
better known for his big installations, he leaves many to wonder how they come about?
Where does he get his inspiration? Before becoming colossal, his installations are born
through drawings. Spore gives an insight on his work process and his everlasting research
on form, movement and material, which represent the base of his work and helps bring his
installations to life.

Evolving movement

What is presented is the result of years of fiddling around with various shapes and forms.
Again and again, over and over, the same movement; observing, seeing how it evolves.
The swirl, the carrousel, the boat and the spinning top, all symbols of movement, change and
morphosis. Motions that can be found in his public works like the Woensel Supertoll, Leap into the
deep on the TU/e terrain, and his most recent installation, Stillleven, his new 150-meter long
installation on the parking structure of Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn.

Spore can be seen as of August 29 to October 7, 2018, at Art Experience by KRL, Sectie-C,
Hall 12, Daalakkersweg 12 in Eindhoven.