Woensel Supertoll! Community art project in the Van Abbemuseum, Part 1


Woensel Supertoll! is a community art project that rolls out over a period of three years in throughout Woensel, Eindhoven, NL. It consists of three parts: a period at the Van Abbemuseum, a cooperative part with the Woensel community and a permanent artwork in the form of a huge spinning top at the new HOV2 bus station in Eindhoven at the end of 2015.


Part 1: Van Abbemuseum

In 2013, I worked for half a year with rapper Fresku in part of the Van Abbemuseum called ‘Het Oog’, where together we built a spinning top out of hundreds of wooden boards covered with text by Fresku. A video was made of the text and the process: WILSKR8

“Where the tip of the spinning top touches the earth, it’s very hot. Glowing almost red with friction. The beauty of the top is that it transcends gravity. It’s magical to look at. It seems calm but there is a lot of energy in it. It’s just like your own power. If you stand in your power, then you can react purely, then it’s all good. You don’t  have to doubt, because you do it all purely from within yourself. You don’t have those boundaries, you just ‘wham’ react.” ( From a Dutch interview for Radio program De Avonden, December 2013)


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