Feel the vibe: art on Airport Eindhoven by world champion breakdance crew The Ruggeds and artist Tijs Rooijakkers


Breakdancing on empty landing strip

In the summer of 2020 I worked with the world champion breakdance crew The Ruggeds. Our goal: to capture their moves and vibe in an art installation. Covid-19 also cooperated in a weird way and offered us a one in a million opportunity: no planes landed at Eindhoven Airport during the week of our film shoot. So we could film everything at the airport. Watch the clip!


The exhibition is visible daily from the 17th of September 2020 until the end of 2021, free of charge at the Eindhoven Airport.  More info here



The Ruggeds

World Champions breaking crew from Eindhoven, The Ruggeds have from an early age developed from street culture to a group with its own theater language. They bring together their different experiences in performing, choreographing, organizing events, producing and acting, in order to create a positive synergy. Check out The Ruggeds here.


Eindhoven Airport x Van Abbemuseum x Piet-Hein Eek

Eindhoven Airport is proud of the region, which is rich in tales and stories. Together with Van Abbemuseum they offer passengers and visitors a unique insight into the distinctive part of Eindhoven when it comes to technology, design and knowledge. Together they want to share the energy of the city, whether you are arriving or departing. The renowned Dutch designer Piet-Hein Eek designed the three enormous showcase boxes. Feel the vibe at Eindhoven Airport.


Why Art is Taking Off at Airports

Airport terminals are looking more and more like the wings of an art museum. With their massive atriums, seemingly endless corridors, and captive travelers, airports are a perfect venue for art installations. Hubs around the world are using art to create a sense of place. In this interesting blog of the Artwork Archive, you can read why.


Art combats frustration and stress.

Exhibitions are a gateway to local culture

Installations provide wayfinding

Artwork can be a valuable marketing tool.

Art creates a communal gathering place not only for travelers but for employees as well.


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