For Bosch Parade 2013 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, I transformed three Volans2 skiffs into angels together with Rogier Scholten (Graphic Designer with engineering background) and Hein Hendriks. As an inspiration for this work, I used the painting: Het laatste oordeel van Jeronimus Bosch. I asked myself, how would it be for a believer to receive the ‘final judgement’, as a chosen one? Or damned? In the latter case, one would want to go back in time to erase all of the bad things and do everything again. Rowers continuously look at where they are coming from; the past and at the same time they row on. By replacing the rowing paddles with angel wings, I depict the nagging feeling that surfaces when we are looking back on the past: remorse. It also represents that which is inevitable, everyone makes mistakes, and no matter how strongly you would like to erase the past, you must move on, forward.


Year: 2013
Material: Bamboo, skiffs, Volans2, plastic, steel cables
Dimensions: 3x H: 1.20 m, W: 9 m, D: 5.5 m
Client: Bosch Parade
Together with: Rogier Scholten, Hein Hendriks
Location: Den Bosch, NL