Anghell, 2018 BIG ART, Bijlmer Bajes, Amsterdam

In 2013, this work was part of the Boschparade, an artistic parade that went through the Aa river in    s’Hertogenbosch.  Anghell was inspired by the work of painter Jeronimus Bosch, ‘Het laatste Oordeel’. It was a rowing performance of two skiffs which had, while rowing, moving angel wings. Like other works of Tijs Rooijakkers, he questioned the concept of time. For this piece, Tijs decided to install the wings in the opposite direction of the rower’s natural rowing position. So that rowers look towards the place they are coming from, the past, while rowing to the opposite direction, their future.

It symbolizes how remorse keeps us “stuck” to a time that has past. Just like a prison, the place of remorse. Or isn’t it? Prisoners also have dreams. They must have to be able to survive and overcome time.