Amsterdam | 24-26 May 2024- Group exhibition in Jiuba Art Space, No Man’s Art Gallery’s project space, curated by Yours Truly, the art collective by Gijs van Lith, Merijn Kavelaars and me.

Friday 24 May: 19:00 (opening) – 22:00
Saturday 25 May:  11:00-17:00
Sunday 26 May: 11:00-16:00

Jiuba Art Space
Marie Heinekenplein 12, Amsterdam, NL
Project space by No Man’s Art Gallery

This exhibition is a pursuit of materiality. It is both and homage to and an exploration of matter. Each artwork is a dialog on its own and shows the struggle, love and challenges of matter. It’s both a starting point or a constant in each artists oeuvre. For instance; surface materiality not only changes the way a painter works but also has a profound influence on the reception of the work. The nature of the surface elicits a reciprocal relation between painter and viewer. Certain characteristics of materiality expose meanings beyond that of visuality.

This exhibition doesn’t question the necessity of making something physical and real (in a day and age where internet and the digital realm is providing also so much to explore). But instead its a showcase of real-life, of time, of effort, of physical energy and the possess this to be a fundamental part of the artists process, work and identity. The result or materiality of a work of art is not only an index of its making, but is also fundamentally connected to meaning, aesthetic perception, mimetic potential, economic value, cultural and social impact, as well as its endurance and preservation.

Artists: Tom Volkaert, Ischa Kempka, Merijn Kavelaars, Fabian Herkenhoener, Marilyn Sonneveld, Nikolai Riedinger, Tijs Rooijakkers, Gijs van Lith

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