Boompijl Pijl en boomschieten

Boompijl art education with school kids in Best!

11 June 2021, Boompijl art education| Everyone has a dream. But what can you sow to realize it? That was the question of this very first Boompijl workshops at primary school De Zevensprong in Best. The children made drawings and texts on a paper arrowhead and made a mini Boompijl branch. Then they were invited to shoot (or should we say ‘sow’?!) their dreams  into the universe. Of all the arrows, Tijs made a mini kriskros Boompijl forest. The seeds are now growing in their dreams.

This was a pilot workshop and it tastes like a lot more! Thanks to Madelene Veraa of Tuurlijk, the teachers of group 7 and 8 of De Zevensprong, Yvonne Ensink of the municipality of Best, Stijn van Leest and Karlijn de Groot.

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