The General Lee

In 2009, I won “ De Kunstopdracht” organized by the Brabants Kenniscentrum Kunst en Cultuur in Tilburg following the merger of municipalities Oss and Lith. In ‘The General Lee'[…] the idea of merging two complimentary forms comes to life in wood and steel. The municipality of Lith is translated into a wooden boat shape, which takes a dive, or leap of faith by way of daring to land in the territory of Oss.


The urban neighbor is portrayed in splashing metal shapes. The merger is translated as a metaphor of a film fragment, inspired by a television series form the 80’s, ‘The dukes of hazard’. In the series, The General Lee is a Dodge Charger which takes the characters on a bunch of jumps and stunt rides. The zoomed in still image is a snapshot of the process that will unfold. During the course of the coming year, the image will take one form, through the overgrowth with a wreath of hops. Something new, something bigger than both individually will become one and flourish. A wonderful symbol for a renewed, bigger community, municipality of Oss (Text: Netty van de Kamp)
The General Lee was in Oss for one year and later adopted by De Cultuurboerderij in Westelbeers, NL.